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About Vitalcare


Vitalcare is one of the oldest and most trusted names in nurse call technology. The company has been designing, manufacturing and installing nurse call and critical messaging systems across Australia for over 30 years. Today Vitalcare has a proud heritage of around 1,000 installations and 50,000 beds nationally in hospitals and aged care facilities, encompassing both high care and low care residents.


Vitalcare employs its own hardware and software engineers who design our products and write our software. All our IP is owned by the company and we are not at the mercy of international suppliers. Importantly, we assemble all our products in Australia and New Zealand and are proudly Australian owned. We support local jobs and invest heavily in research and development.


Our pioneering research & development department combines thirty years experience in the nurse call industry with highly experienced technologists. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for facility residents with innovative and practical solutions. A good example of Vitalcare innovation is the CRIS (Confused Resident Information System) and Nigel which support residents living with cognitive impairment.


Vitalcare designs incorporate a range of the very latest technologies including the IoT (internet of things) wireless protocol, which is incorporated into our new Daisy two-way pendants, call points and sensors. We have led the industry in cloud based reporting, analytics and system support with our Vitalcloud solution. Vitalcare also collaborates with tertiary institutions working in specialist dementia management and fast-evolving technology, such as lidar and thermopile arrays. We welcome client engagement in customised development and are happy to demonstrate current and future product at our Sydney laboratory.


Vitalcare is a responsible corporate citizen and supports the causes our customers and their stakeholders consider important. ‘Variety the Children’s Charity’ is Vitalcare’s nominated charity and the company and its staff support this worthy cause nationally.


Our people are our most important asset and it is through their efforts we have achieved the success we enjoy today. Vitalcare is committed to the principles of equality and equal opportunity and work hard to align our corporate values with those of the wider community. We highly value integrity, teamwork and loyalty and believe those attributes are key to the company’s competitive advantage.